Upcoming Exhibitions

Breaking through our current bill paying work and our creative work life balance is like digging a grave in winter. It can be a depressing and daunting task but it demands and establishes fond remembrance and appreciation for what was and what could be. In this show, we as a unified team want to break through our normalities and routines to build a passionate foundation as creatively eager individuals working for the ultimate goal of personal freedom. - Andy Li

Extension Gallery is proud to present EXOTICS, ETC. This exhibition contains work by four artists who interact and collaborate with each other professionally, artistically, and personally. Each through their own use of photography, textiles, installation and painting they have created an exhibition of individual works that interact and speak to each other as a whole. You are invited to come see EXOTICS, ETC. with warm, open arms.

Terrence Doyle  •  Brandon Kirk  •  Andy Li  •  Buck Squibb

Opening reception Saturday, January 27, 2018 from 8-10PM (21+). This exhibition will be on view from Sunday, January 28 until Sunday, March 4, 2018.